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The general idea of a pub crawl in Budapest is that it is a rager in which you get as smashed as possible on cheap booze, yell a whole lot and then sweat at a disco to out dated rave music. While this is certainly a possibility that we can arrange for you, we also have classier bar tours as well. A bar tour Budapest is a survey of the classier establishments and the people who frequent them. From lounges and themed bars to a nice, relaxing establishment, all the way to sophisticated dance clubs, there are many finer ways to experience a night out in Budapest, and all within walking distance of each other, so not too hard on your high heels either.

Depending on the company, we can tour 4 or 5 different bars and see what they have to offer, or even go on a wine tasting, or look up some craft beer establishments and have a chat with some brewers and proprietors, with plenty of chances to get some food in along the way as well. Afterwards, we can visit a dance hall or a club and experience a little of the world famous party culture that Budapest has to offer and that got this city the international fame that it enjoys.

Please note that our bar tours are registration only, so make sure you drop us a line and let us do the rest.

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